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Fire damage

Immediate Fire and Smoke Damage Cleanup

A fire, no matter the scope, is a catastrophic experience. Paul Davis Emergency Services provides prompt fire and smoke damage relief to residents of Des Plaines, IL.

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Paul Davis Emergency Services can instantly be at your house to start taking care of the damage. If you find yourself in need of immediate service from Paul Davis, call us or click the “24-hour Emergency Services” button here on our website. We recognize that your property will need help right away, so we guarantee that we’ll answer in 30 minutes or less and be on-site in just four hours.

After promptly arriving on the scene, we’ll extend the following fire and smoke damage services:

  • An estimate for your insurance company
  • All-inclusive cleanup, including the expulsion of dangerous chemicals
  • Air decontamination, sanitation of any affected areas and smoke odor removal
  • Structural moisture elimination using water extractors, dehumidifiers, air movers and other machinery to thoroughly eradicate water resulting from fire extinguishing endeavors

Call the Professionals

Taking care of the damage inflicted by a fire takes a substantial amount of time, as heat is not the only harmful factor in play. Smoke can reach deep into corners and niches and soot can coat any surface. For these reasons, and various others, you need to contact a specialized emergency services contractor right after undergoing a fire.

The fast-answering, professional emergency cleanup and fire damage experts from Paul Davis in Des Plaines, IL have the abilities and knowledge to deliberate all of these agents and get you back into your home or business with as little postponement as possible. Our team has years of experience in emergency fire repairs, so when we say that we’ll work hard to return your life back to normal as fast as we can, you can trust us.

Why should I call Paul Davis?

When it comes to your home, knowledge is vital Paul Davis has provided expert emergency fire damage assistance to Des Plaines, IL and throughout North America for over 40 years. We pledge that you can rely on us for direct and thorough help.